Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 2/29/2024 TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Malcolm X Shabazz, 80 Johnson Avenue, Newark, NJ
1.0 Call to Order (Reading of Statement)
2.0 Flag Salute
3.0 Roll Call
4.0 Greetings from Principal
5.0 Recognitions
6.0 Approval of Minutes
6.1 Approval of Minutes Action
7.0 Student Representative's Report
8.0 Board President's Report
9.0 Superintendent's Report
9.1 Quarterly Forecast Info
10.0 Public Participation
11.0 Board Resolutions
11.1 Approval of School Calendars for 2024 - 2025 School Year Action
12.0 Finance & Operations - Votes
12.1 Finance & Operations - Votes Action
A) Finance and Operations
12.2 Parental Contract for Student Transportation for SY 2022-2024 Shashana Smiley.
12.3 Acceptance of Audit for School Year 2022-2023
12.4 Secretary Report - December 2023
12.5 Treasurer Report - December 2023
12.6 Transfer Report - December 2023
12.7 Payroll Summary for 11/29/2023 and 1/12/2024
12.8 Newark Board of Education Operating Account Checks - January 2024
12.9 Acceptance of Rutgers Equity Alliance for Community Health (REACH) Community Academic Grants Program
12.10 Transportation Agreement for the Newark Board of Education Pupil Transportation Office – District Provided Transportation Services
12.11 Acceptance of SDA Emergent Needs and Capital Maintenance FY24
12.12 Acceptance of Love Your Lunch (AAPI New Jersey) Donation
12.13 Resolution June 30, 2023 Corrective Action Plan
12.14 Collaboration and Partnership with the City of Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness, co-affiliated it Mary Eliza Mahoney Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, (both parties collectively referred to hereinafter as the "DOH/FQHC") and the Newark Board of Education located at 765 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102
12.15 Authorization of District Travel - February 2024
B) Purchasing
12.16 Award of Custodial Trash Liners and Paper Products Contract 9810
12.17 Amendment to New Cosmetology Suite at West Side High School Contract 9785R
12.18 Renewal of Boiler Settings, Relining, and Repair Services Contract 9388R1
12.19 Amendment to Emergent Structural Repairs and Demolition of Subsurface Vaults at Wilson Avenue School Contract 9751
12.20 Award of Cafeteria Large Equipment and Smallwares 9840
12.21 Award of Cafeteria Food Trays Contract 9895
12.22 Renewal of LIT Fiber Wide Area Network Contract 9282R1
12.23 GoGuardian Liminex Edulastic Software Purchasing Reference 9876
12.24 Renewal of Internet Ports and Service Contract 9283R1
12.25 Award of Conference Venue Contract 9846R
12.26 Renewal of K-12 World Language Instructional Materials Contract 9457R1
12.27 Renewal of Public And Non-Public Individualized Education Plan Related Services Contract 9426R1
12.28 Award of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Endorsement Courses Contract 9856
12.29 Amendment of Student Growth and Projection Services Purchasing Reference 9570
12.30 Lincoln School Playground Purchasing Reference 9878
C) Facilities
12.31 State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Air Monitoring
13.0 Finance & Operations Items Pulled From Consent
14.0 Personnel Votes
14.1 Personnel - Votes Action
14.2 Resolution by the Board of Education of the City of Newark, County of Essex to Authorize Settlement of Workers Compensation Claims and to Authorize Claims Resolution Corporation, Inc. to Disburse Funds Action
14.3 NBOE Resignation Retirement February 2024 Action
14.4 Resolution to accept February 2024 Separations Action
14.5 NBOE Personal Leave February 2024 Action
14.6 NBOE Appointments February 2024 Action
14.7 NBOE Appointments SY 2024-2025 Action
14.8 NBOE Co-Curricular February 2024 Action
14.9 NBOE Transfers February 2024 Action
14.10 NBOE Salary Adjustments February 2024 Action
14.11 NBOE Rutgers University MOU February 2024 Action
14.12 NBOE University of Phoenix MOU February 2024 Action
15.0 Personnel Items Pulled From Consent
16.0 General Counsel - Legal - Votes
16.1 General Counsel - Legal - Votes Action
16.2 Resolution Authorizing Award of Legal Services Agreement Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-5a(1) Action
17.0 General Counsel - Legal Items Pulled From Consent
18.0 Instruction & Programs - Votes
18.1 Instruction & Programs - Votes Action
18.2 Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between The Newark Board of Education and Music Will Action
18.3 Arts in Our Schools Month 2024 Proclamation Action
18.4 Approval of a Research and Data Sharing Agreement between the Newark Board of Education and NJIT/Math Success Initiative (MSI) Action
18.5 Approval of a Research and Data Sharing Agreement between the Newark Board of Education and Caitlin Scanlon Ramos / Saint Peter's University Action
18.6 Authorization of District Field Trips Action
18.7 Resolution of the Board of Education of the City of Newark Approving NJQSAC District Improvement Plan Action
19.0 Instruction & Programs Items Pulled From Consent
20.0 Executive Session
21.0 Adjournment
21.1 Adjournment Action
Newark Board of Education