Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 12/19/2023 TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Benjamin Franklin School, 42 Park Avenue, Newark NJ 07104
1.0 Call to Order (Reading of Statement)
2.0 Flag Salute
3.0 Roll Call
4.0 Greetings from Principal
5.0 Recognitions
5.1 George Mason University/Washington Journalism and Media Conference Info
5.2 United Nations International School Model UN Conference Winners Info
5.3 QuestBridge Scholarship Recipients Info
6.0 Committee Chairperson's Reports
6.1 Approve Committee Reports Action
7.0 Approval of Minutes
7.1 Approval of Minutes Action
8.0 Student Representative's Report
9.0 Board President's Report
10.0 Superintendent's Report
10.1 2024-25 Budget Calendar Info
11.0 Public Participation
12.0 Board Resolutions
12.1 Resolution Designating January 30, 2024 as National School Day of Non-Violence and Peace Action
12.2 Motion to Swear in New Board Member Action
13.0 Finance & Operations - Votes
13.1 Finance & Operations - Votes Action
A) Finance and Operations
13.2 Authorization of District Travel
13.3 Acceptance of Kool Kids Foundation Award
13.4 Approval to Apply for New Jersey Innovation Dual Enrollment Pilot
13.5 2023-2024 Joint Transportation Agreement High Point Regional High School & Newark Board of Education
13.6 Newark Board of Education Operating Account Checks - November 2023
13.7 Secretary Report - October 2023
13.8 Treasurer Report - October 2023
13.9 Transfer Report - October 2023
13.10 Payroll Summary for 11/3/2023 and 11/17/2023
13.11 Acceptance of New Jersey High-Impact Tutoring Grant
13.12 Acceptance of NY Jets Donation
13.13 Weequahic Park Sport Authority and Weequahic Park Environmental Authority's Donation
B) Purchasing
13.14 Rejection of Tile Restoration Services Contract 9802
13.15 Award of Masonry Restoration and Concrete Sidewalk Services Contract 9804
13.16 Award of Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Sprinkler System, Standpipe Systems, Fire Pumps and Portable Fire Extinguishers Service, Maintenance, and Repair Contract 9702R
13.17 Award of Professional Development for Health Education, and Safe and Supportive Environments Contract 9836
13.18 Award of Online Tutoring Services Contract 9816
13.19 Amendment and Change Order Two to Courtyard Masonry Restoration at Mount Vernon Elementary School Contract 9585
13.20 Food and Nutrition Consulting Services Purchasing Reference 9849
13.21 Afterschool Enrichment and Recreational Programming with Meal Services Purchasing Reference 9833
13.22 McKinney Vento Gift Cards Purchasing Reference 9851
13.23 Renewal of Contracts 9393AR2 Medical Benefits and 9393BR2 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Insurance Coverages
13.24 Vision and Dental Insurance Coverage Purchasing Reference 9455R2
13.25 Award of Category 6A Cabling for Surveillance System Contract 9729
14.0 Finance & Operations Items Pulled From Consent
15.0 Personnel Votes
15.1 Personnel - Votes Action
15.2 NBOE Resignation Retirement December 2023 Action
15.3 Resolution by the Board of Education of the City of Newark, County of Essex to Authorize Settlement of Workers Compensation Claims and to Authorize Claims Resolution Corporation, Inc. to Disburse Funds Action
15.4 Resolution to Accept December Separations 2023 Action
15.5 NBOE Personal Leave December 2023 Action
15.6 NBOE Appointments December 2023 Action
15.7 NBOE Co-Curricular December 2023 Action
15.8 NBOE Transfers December 2023 Action
16.0 Personnel Items Pulled From Consent
17.0 Instruction & Programs - Votes
17.1 Instruction & Programs - Votes Action
17.2 Three Year Preschool Program Operational Plan SY 2024-26 Action
17.3 Approval of Dual Enrollment Agreement between Bergen Community College and The Newark Board of Education. Action
17.4 Approval of the ELA Writing Revolution addendum to existing ELA Curriculum Units by the Newark Board of Education. Action
17.5 Approval of Saturday School curriculum units by the Newark Board of Education. Action
17.6 Approval of Cornell University Syllabi for Dual Enrollment Courses Action
17.7 Authorization of SY 23-24 Senior Class Trip Action
17.8 Authorization of District Field Trips Action
17.9 Approval of a Research and Data Sharing Agreement between the Newark Board of Education and Rupu Gupta Consulting Action
17.10 Approval of a Memorandum of Agreement between Beat the Streets and the Newark Board of Education. Action
18.0 Instruction & Programs Items Pulled From Consent
19.0 Executive Session
20.0 Adjournment
20.1 Adjournment Action
Newark Board of Education